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The future of work starts with us

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Doing well by doing good

About us

Guild is on a mission to unlock economic opportunity for the American workforce through education and skilling by working to bridge the gap between education and employment for working adults in the U.S. to help them succeed in the future of work.

The Guild Difference

How Guild makes it possible

We partner with the nation’s largest employers to build strategic education and reskilling experiences for their employees by connecting them to a learning marketplace of the best universities and learning providers designed for working adults.

Our pioneering technology and payments platform enables employers to make tuition payments up-front so that workers can concentrate on achieving their goals without incurring short- or long-term debt.

At every step of the learner’s journey, we offer comprehensive education and career services to provide them with the hands-on support they need to thrive.

Want to learn even more about how Guild works?

Visit our frequently Asked Questions

As a Public Benefit Corporation, Guild was intentionally built with a shared success model, so that we do well by doing good within the communities we serve.

Our Values

Our values set us apart, define who we are, and shape our future.

We stand by a set of core values that guide and influence the work we do with our employer partners, our students, and our learning providers.


Nurture a Learner’s Mindset

We are fueled by curiosity, consciously seeking to make ourselves, each other, and the work continuously better.


Create Belonging

We believe that belonging is essential to business. We are cultivating a community rooted in diversity and respect with heart and commitment, that’s in service of both our culture and all of our stakeholders.


Build Shared Success

At Guild, success is not a zero sum game. We strive for the win-wins in both our work and in our impact, knowing we deliver the best outcome when we collaborate together and assume positive intent from all.


Be an Owner

We each own a piece of Guild – as owners, we take responsibility today and always for our voices, actions and long term impact.



Want to join us in our mission?

Guild’s biggest challenge thus far has been scaling as fast as there has been demand — come join our growing organization and make an impact.

Have a question? Check out our FAQS page to learn more about Guild.

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