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Create opportunities for working adult learners through education

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Transforming Education

The future of work is changing.
Education opportunities should too.

Guild provides universities, certificate programs, and other education and training partners the unique opportunity to serve employer-sponsored students and create more equitable access to education.

Our Students

Tuition-backed students from our exclusive network of employer partners

We provide our Learning Partners with visibility to thousands of tuition-backed students from innovative Fortune 1000 companies in retail, financial services, healthcare, and more. Our employer partners, including Walmart, Target, Discover, UC Health, Disney, and others, are passionate about providing equitable opportunities for their employees to access education and grow in their careers.


Unlocking Opportunity

Unlock opportunity for working adult learners through education

88 million adults need additional education, training, or skilling to compete in tomorrow’s economy. Guild Learning Partners are the opportunity creators that enable our diverse population of tuition-sponsored working adults achieve their academic, career and mobility goals.


of working adults identify cost as the number one barrier to pursuing additional education


of Guild students are the first in their family to attend college


of Guild students identify as a non-white ethnicity

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Learn more about working adult learners


Discover insights and thought leadership from Guild in these white papers, reports, webinars, and more.


Rethinking Admissions Criteria for Working Adult Learners

The rise of working adult learners in need of upskilling and education marks an important opportunity for institutions of higher learning.


Creating a pipeline of lifelong learners through digital education

Co-hosted by Times Higher Education and Guild Education, explore the role higher education can play in the need for upskilling or reskilling.


Transforming Emergency Virtual Education Solutions into Effective Online Learning

This white paper dives into strategies to help academic institutions build an online learning solution that increases outcomes.

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Our Marketplace

Guild offers a one-of-a-kind marketplace, with a curated group of providers designed to meet the varied needs of working adult learners. Our marketplace partners range greatly, from large public universities to single-focused short form credential providers. We are always looking for new programs that meet our high standards to support student and employer needs, and are striving to have the right program to help every current and future student in Guild’s network achieve their educational goals.

Partner with us

Join Guild’s Learning Marketplace and increase equitable access to education

We partner with a select group of academic institutions who are excited educate a new population of learners - working adults. Learn more about joining our Learning Marketplace.


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